• 'Old Is New Again: Is It Worth It?'

    When a workspace honors the building's past it can inspire an emotional connection to the space, engaging employees on a deeper level. Read more

  • Meet Dante Wilkins, our newest designer

    A huge dPOP welcome to our newest designer, Dante Wilkins! Less than a month ago he moved from the Windy City to the Motor City to join the team and we couldn’t be more thrilled. After studying at the Art Institute of Seattle and acquiring his Graduate degree at The Art Institute of Chicago, he comes with a host of experience. His expertise involves designing public spaces like schools, churches, libraries, city halls and various other municipal and cultural facilities. Adaptive reuse is one of Dante’s key interests―he enjoys finding creative new uses for abandoned buildings―and a trait that made it clear he’d be a perfect addition to the dPop team. After growing his portfolio, he began seeking opportunities in a more collaborative environment. We sat down with Dante, to find out what inspired him to relocate. Read more