5 Healthy Office Tips to Boost Productivity

A recent survey with Business News Daily reports showed that incorporating a wellness strategy into the workplace boosts productivity, decreasing the use of sick days, increasing individual performance and greatly reducing health care costs long term.

With just a few minor adjustments any employer can improve the health of everyone in the office. dPOP's corporate wellness coach, Angela Notarangelo of Trinity Wellness Programs provide some great ideas below for encouraginge a more healthy and wellness-minded workplace.

1. Provide healthy snacks

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When a deadline is approaching and hunger strikes, you are more likely to go for whatever you can find. Most often, the convenient option comes from the vending machine. Although junk food seems like a good idea when you are famished, be prepared for a crash soon after. Angela recommends stocking the office with healthy produce.

“You are more inclined to make a healthy choice when it’s right in front of you. At dPOP we placed healthy fruits and vegetables right on the kitchen counter, and prepared sliced produce in the fridge. This way, when employees are looking for a quick snack, it’s right there and they don’t have to think about it.”

2. Encourage your employees to hydrate.

Though coffee always seems like a good idea, Angela cautions against drinking several cups a day. “When fatigue hits, our first thought is to run straight for caffeine, but it dehydrates you, causes anxiety, can make you jittery and right after the boost, you crash. I am not saying give up on coffee, but instead of going for another cup, replace it with water. Hydration will increase focus, helps with normal bodily functions and allows you to be productive throughout the day,”

To encourage employees to drink more water, Angela recommends trying a 30-day water challenge; gift your employees company themed water bottles and always provide filtered water.

3. Discourage your vendors from bringing junk food

No matter how prepared you are, once free junk food becomes available, most people tend to eat it. Politely ask your vendors to support your initiative to create a healthier office environment by purchasing more nutritious options for your team.

4. Diffuse essential oils

Essential oils are a natural way to increase energy and brain function. At dPOP Angela set up a Young Living oil diffuser in the office. The silent device spreads a clean scent throughout the space and invigorates the team's senses with energy boosting scent.


“Aromatherapy helps to trigger the limbic system, the network of nerves in our brain that control emotions. The right scent can help relax or energize you. Peppermint oil dilates the blood vessels, which increases more blood flow to the brain, allowing more focus and energy.”

5. Hire a corporate health coach

Hiring a corporate health coach shows your team you care about their wellness. Health coaches will offer essential health tips, team workouts and private health consulting.

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“Two to three times a week I work with the team on stress management techniques, working with oils, high intensity interval training, and deep stretching. It’s a ton of fun, builds the team dynamic and improves moral. I am also there to encourage them to keep their health goals and answer any questions they have around that subject.”

At the end of the day we all gather to sweat and challenge our bodies. We set up one of our rooms with bottles of water, yoga mats and weights. Because everything is compact and easy to put away, the room stays neat when not in use for physical activity.

Investing in your employees is imperative to creating an environment that encourages your team to thrive. At dPOP the team comes first. A steady stream of inspiration is imperative to our success, and promoting a healthy lifestyle at work helps to maximize focus. Contact Angela at TrinityWellnessProgram to do the same at your workplace!

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