People. Office. Places dPOP! is passionate about designing and fulfilling experiences that inspire both creativity and productivity within the workplace. We are committed to enhancing the ways in which people interact with their work environment. From expressive design, to orchestrating your move, to maintaining your facilities, dPOP! is the start-to-finish solution for your workspace.

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Our commitment to innovation has made us a leader in design and facilities management.



Creative and purposeful design fosters spaces that reflect and embody a company’s culture. dPOP! is here to promote a strong work relationship built upon a creative vision- it’s what we do!

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Space Planning

dPOP! helps implement a space plan designed specifically to meet your unique business needs. Whether it’s maximizing use of your current space or preventing a growth-accommodating relocation, dPOP! space planning services can stretch inches into MILES.


Furniture Selection

With seemingly endless options, styles and sources, the world of furniture can feel vast and intimidating. dPOP! studies your work practices and applies our experience to tailor a furniture landscape that represents who you are…all while keeping you looking your very best.

space planning


A move can be an asset to your business, not a burden. dPOP! walks you through the do’s and don’ts of your relocation, creating an experience of seamless ease. dPOP! sweats the details, freeing your mind to focus on the excitement of your new endeavor.



Once you’ve created an environment that fits your company, you’d like to keep it that way- right? We get it! dPOP! ensures that your team continues to utilize and enjoy the functions of your space. dPOP! helps take your ideas to the next level, and keeps them fresh and vibrant over time.


About Us

As the workplace evolves, dPOP! understands that companies require a work environment that both attracts and inspires without sacrificing efficiency.

Purposeful design is tailored to your company's individual needs and focuses on enhancing the way your team interacts within their workspace. dPOP! and its professional moving consultants – known for their speedy relocation efforts – will guide you through the transition process and our facility technicians will ensure that your space is always operating at the highest level.

Located in beautiful Downtown Detroit, we recognize that the workplace is continuing to evolve, requiring new and innovative solutions. That's the dPOP! Culture.

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